When females get mad at other females, they don't hesitate to put them across their laps, pull down those moist little panties and spank those bare bottoms good and hard. Which is cool with us! Fans of classic and retro spanking pictures will LOVE our gallery of classic FF spanking pictures!
Margie was tired of her secretary, Jan, talking on the phone all the time to her boyfriend and missing meetings. So what did this female boss do? She stripped the poor girl down to her underwear, bent her over the desk and paddled her bottom till it was red and stinging with shame and humiliation! You can bet the other girls in the office promptly got to work and avoided pissing their spank happy lady boss off! Nobody wanted to be spanked by THIS women!

... Would you?
classic ff spanking picture
classic ff spanking picture
Here's a classic FF spanking picture of a angry lesbian woman punishing her little girl lover with a good hard old-fashioned spanking! Stripped naked and put over her dominant lover's lap, this poor girl is kicking and screaming as her naked butt feels the wrath of her older lover's hand. OUCH! I bet she's going to be good for a while - unless she wants to find herself getting another stinging OTK spanking!

... And we LOVE watching females spanking females, right?!
This older sister caught her little sis stealing cigarettes from her purse when she was out of the room. The solution to curb this naughty girl's bad habits? Put the girl across your lap, pull her panties right down and spank her naked teenage bottom so hard she won't be able to sit down for a week! Her brother and his friends also heard her cries of pain and got off peeping through the keyhole at his sister's squealing bare bottom shame and humiliation!

... Works for us!
classic ff spanking picture
classic ff spanking picture
Mother was not going to listen to her naughty daughter's swearing or stand for her dressing like a little tart at school. What did she do? YEP! She took her daughter across her lap, pulled down her little panties to bare her bottom and began spanking her like a fiend! Little Jenny cried and cried, but her mom kept up the FF spanking discipline none the less. It's a classic FF spanking situation - a daughter spanked and disciplined by her mother!

... Yeah, baby! Smack that lolita ass good and HARD!
Another classic FF spanking favorite - a lesbian couple where one of the partners is the dominant one and disciplines her younger submissive lover with a good hard spanking or whipping. Look at this retro spanking picture. The poor girl has been stripped naked and her lesbian lover is flogging her stinging bare bottom with a riding crop! OUCH! That's GOT to hurt like a bitch!

... Which is what this poor girl is probably saying as that crop stripes her naked ass again and again. FF spanking at it's best!
classic ff spanking picture

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